Shipping Policy:

With over a 3 months supply of inventory, we are able to ship our paper towels and other sanitary supplies faster than most of the other wholesale suppliers. On average, your order will ship in 5-10 business days (that is M-F), which doesn't include the transit time. We can not guarantee delivery, so please allow enough time for delays in transit or back ups at the warehouse.

With the volume of products that we are shipping, we continue to negotiate for the best possible rates. Depending on the size of your order, we will utilize the best mode of transportation (Parcel or Less-Than-Truckload) to ensure that your shipping costs are kept at a minimum. Due to the weight and size of some of the boxes shipping them UPS or Fedex is not an option. The freight rates are automatically generated based on the weight of the shipment, destination zip code, and the best carrier for that region.

Residential delivery is defined as curbside delivery to your home (it does not include inside delivery or any additional accessorials). If you are not willing or able to accept curbside delivery by yourself, you will have to make arrangements to have someone there to help.

Why Doesn't Economic Paper Towels Offer Free Shipping?

The truth about free shipping is this: It doesn't exist! At Economic Paper Towels we pride ourselves on offering our customers the lowest possible shipping rates by using a state of the art system that calculates the cheapest rate directly to you. We also pride ourselves in keeping our prices low. Companies that offer free shipping will make that cost up in one way or another


Below is a rough estimate of transit times. Actual transit times may vary


Return Policies:

Not What You Ordered:
While we would like to claim that we are perfect.... yes we are human, so occassionally the wrong size or style will be shipped. You will notice that the boxes are very similar in size and shape, so it is important that you check your order before opening the boxes. Please contact us within 48 hours at and we will do our best to expedite you the correct product(s).

Ordered the Wrong Product:
While we are more than willing to correct our mistakes, we can not be held responsible for your  errors. Before ordering your products, please be sure to check and double check your order to ensure that you have what you need in your cart.  If you receive your products and find that they are wrong (meaning ordered incorrectly), we will gladly replace your order, but you will be charged for the return of the wrong product and the delivery charges for the new product.

Restocking Fee:
While we try to accommodate our customers and take back any and all products that we can re-sell, we have found out that customers have started abusing our generosity.  Any products that you wish to return will incur a 20% restocking fee per item. You will also be responsible for the shipping costs associated with shipping the product back. Your money will be refunded within 30 days of us receiving the product and inspecting it for damages and or shortages. If damage is found, we will notify you and you will be responsible for filing a claim with the carrier to get reimbursed.

Orders Cancelled in Transit:
If an order is canceled in transit you will be responsible for return shipping costs and be subject to a 20% restocking fee. You will be refunded within 30 days after we receive the shipment back and inspect it. If we find that there are damages due to excess transit time your refund may take a bit longer until a proper inspection by the trucking company can occur.

Our products are packaged to minimize the damage that can occur in transit. Since most of our products are generally resistant to damages with the exception of the dispensors a damage should not be an issue. That being said, we can't control what happens to your order once the trucking company picks it up. Since we use 3rd party carriers for all of our deliveries, they assume liability for the product once it is picked up. In the event that a box arrives with visible damage, it is very important to note the damages on the delivery while the driver is present. All visible damage must be noted on the delivery receipt in front of the driver, otherwise the trucking company will not accept a claim. If you open the box, and find concealed damage, it MUST be reported within 48 hours to ensure that you can file a claim. If damage is found, it is important to follow the steps below to rectify the situation. If it is not reported within 48 hours, the trucking company will not acknowledge the concealed damage.  Below is a copy of the instructions that are included with your confirmation e-mail. It is important to print this out and review it before your shipment arrives.


Thank you for your recent order. Your order should be shipping in 5-10 business days (Monday-Friday). Once it is shipped, you should be receiving a call from the trucking company in order to schedule an appointment for delivery if it is an LTL shipment. It is very important that you take the following steps to ensure that you product arrives safelt and intact and if there is a damage or shortage, that we have the necessary documentation to successfully file a claim

1) Make sure that someone is physically there when your order arrives. If you selected residential delivery, it is defined as curbside delivery to your home or business (it does not include inside delivery or any additional accessorials). If you are not willing or able to accept curbside delivery by yourself, you will have to make arrangements to have someone there to help.

2)You must do an item count for your order to ensure nothing is missing. Once you sign the delivery receipt that says "x" amount of items are received you are ackowledging you have recieved all of your items that have been noted as being sent. If you count less cartons on your order than are being said as sent you must mark your delivery receipt noting any shortages. In some cases there may be multiple items in one "carton" so it is important to do a carton count rather than a "piece" count. All Bill of Ladings will have a carton count NOT a piece count.
3) Take note if the shrink wrap has been damaged or removed prior to them delivering it to you (smaller orders may be strapped to the pallet rather than using shrink wrap). Every "LTL" order is secured to the pallet... if it arrives without being secured in some fashion, it is important to note that.
4) Inspect each box for any obvious signs of damage before signing for your shipment. While some drivers may try to rush you, you have the right to inspect each box before you accept the shipment. If there are any holes, gashes, or other damages to the outside of the box it is important that you note it on the delivery receipt.
(5) It is VERY important to report within a 48 hour period to ensure if something is missing or damaged that we may file a claim. 

In the rare event there are damages, take the following steps:
1) Take pictures of the damage

2) Note the damage with the driver on the delivery receipt

3) If it is an LTL shipment a copy of the delivery receipt noting the damages will need to be faxed to 215-621-6595 or emailed to


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