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Economic Paper Towels: Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Trash Bags, Sanitizers and Dispensers

Janitorial Supplies,Trash Bags, Cleaning Supplies, Paper Towels, Paper Towel Dispensers, Toilet Paper and Sanitizers

Economic Paper Towels is a wholesale supplier of white roll towels and natural brown roll towels, center pull towels, notched roll towels, jumbo roll tissue, standard bath tissue, kitchen roll towels, facial tissue, c-fold towels, napkins, blue windshield towels, wipers, seat covers, dispensers, stretch wrap, sanitizers and soap.

Since we are a factory direct supplier, it allows us to offer our customers below retail prices.  We understand that every last cost can positively effect your budget if sourced from the right company.  Along with that, we have put a lot of time and effort to make your shopping experience with us as effortless as possible so you have more time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Our custom made rolls reach up to 1,000 feet per roll and are 100% recycled, processed chlorine-free, consistent quality and most importantly are competitively priced.


Customer Testimonials

When you have to cut costs its nice to not have to sacrifice quality. I was paying almost double for most of your products elsewhere. It’s also nice to know that your products are recycled. I will definitely be using you again and again.

Jerry D. - Dayton, OH

It is so nice to one stop shop for my business. It is very frustrating paying high prices for necessary items, so your company is a much welcomed change. When you are on a budget it helps knowing where your money is going. The dispensers work amazing and are half the cost of other companies.

Rick C. - Hershey, PA

So glad I found you guys. I was paying almost double per case of c-fold paper towels. I look forward to doing business with you in the future because I can now order multiple products from the same place.  Thanks again!

John N. - Syracuse, NY

I wish I had found your website earlier.  The roll towels are the cheapest prices I have found. Quick shipping is definitely a great attribute as well. Thanks again for working with us and for saving us so much money.

Melissa R. - Atlanta, GA






Why should I buy paper towels from Economic Paper Towels?

We understand that when it comes to paper towels, toilet paper, and random bar, restaurant and janitorial supplies that you as a consumer have many options. We try and go above and beyond to make sure our customers are satisfied, and even further to make sure that our customers-customers are satisfied. Being a factory direct wholesaler allows up to keep an inventory of all of our products to try and help make sure that we always have what you need. We also know that your bottom line is important to you so we try and pride ourselves on having very competitive pricing. We also offer many shipping options to ensure that you pay the lowest possible price if you need to have your items shipped to you, whether it be one case going UPS or an entire skid of products going on a motor carrier.


What makes your products different than "Brand Name Products"?

Basically there is no difference...except for the price of course. We offer 100% recycled products, and the exact same quality on many of our products as our competitors. One other major difference is that we know how it feels to compete against "big business" and pride ourselves on trying to help others stay afloat especially in instances where business is slower.


When can I expect to receive my order?

Many companies have turn around times in the weeks. We try and get your order out as soon as we receive it but we also recognize that there may be delays for various reasons and because of that we tell you that you should receive your order in 9-10 business days. For more information visit our shipping page.


Can Economic Paper Towels help me determine what I need to order?

Absolutely, we would be more than happy to assist you with your order. We will also evaluate what items would be the best fit for your needs and offer tips on how you could be saving money based on what you are currently ordering. If you are a new customer and new to the industry all together we will be happy to walk you through everything you will need.




Featured Article

Have you ever wondered what goes into making these paper towels?
Collecting and Sorting
Very similar to other recycled papers, collecting and sorting is the first step. People recycle nearly anything, from glass to newspaper. Garbage and recycling companies pick up the recycled products. The products are collected and then taken to the recycling plants. At the plant, the products are sorted into groups based on what they are and how they will be used. Specifically for recycled paper products, the papers are sorted by the type, like newspaper, cardboard and office paper. The groups of sorted paper are then tied up into bales and set aside.
Shredding and Pressing
The next step to making recycled paper towels is the shredding and pressing process. Tied up bundles of paper are sent up a moving belt to a giant tank of water. The paper is added to the tank and shredded into really small pieces and then heated, which is called pulping because the paper resembles pulp. The pulpy water is pressed through special screens. This removes the glue and other such things.
Cleaning and Ink Removal
After shredding and screening, the pulp goes through cleaning. The cleaner, called a centrifugal cleaner, repeatedly adds water to the pulp and then spins it back out. This separates the paper fibers from other materials. The remaining pulp is then added to a tank that adds hydrogen to the paper pulp. The hydrogen separates the pulp from the ink particles when the ink floats and is removed.
After cleaning and ink removal, the pulp is refined through kneading. The pulp is kneaded to make the fibers swell up and breaks up clumps. For white recycled paper towels. The pulping is bleached; for colored ones, colored dye is added.
Forming the Paper Towels
After refining and coloring, the pulp is formed into paper towels. The pulp travels to a pressing machine that forms it into proper shape, whether it’s sheets or rolls of recycled paper towels. Resin is added to the pulp to make the paper towels stronger. The pressed pulp is dried. For sheets, two layers are pressed together and then the sheets are cut and folded. For rolls, the sheets get perforated and attached to cardboard tubes to make paper towel rolls.
Recycled paper towels provide the same benefits of traditional paper towels, with an added bonus. By using these paper towels, you are helping to preserve the natural resources of the planet. Recycled paper, even with paper towels, helps save thousands of trees that would be otherwise be used to make new paper products.




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New Products Constantly Being Added

Economic Paper Towels continues to add new products to meet all of the demands of our loyal customer base. With constantly keeping our inventory refreshed and updated we can help you save more money on your businesses everyday necessities. Keep checking back for more products and updates. … Read More