Foaming Soap

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New Products Constantly Being Added

Economic Paper Towels continues to add new products to meet all of the demands of our loyal customer base. With constantly keeping our inventory refreshed and updated we can help you save more money on your businesses everyday necessities. Keep checking back for more products and updates.

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Economic Paper Towel’s New Website Launches

We are pleased to announce the release of our new and improved website. We are also in the process of adding tons of new products and features, such as an option to have repeat orders sent out on a schedule determined by you, that way you will not have to worry about forgetting to order the products you need. You will also notice free giveaways and useful information to help you grow your business, maintain a green environment and so much more!

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Single Ply or Double Ply??

When it comes to toilet paper there is always some debate over which toilet paper ply is better. While we all agree that double ply is more comfortable and softer, the single ply has become a lot less uncomfortable in recent decades. One of the pros to the double ply besides the comfort level is the fact that it has a lot more absorbency so you need less sheets. On the contrary with single ply toilet paper generally comes with about twice as many sheets and while they aren’t nearly as absorbent they can still get the job done. The best thing though is that both are about equal in price so the choice should only come down to personal preference.

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Paper Towels Come In Handy When Traveling

When we pack for a road trip for a day or a week we always make sure we have our clothes and shoes and sunglasses and sunscreen and wallets and purses but the one thing that almost always gets left behind are the paper towels. We all know that at some point during the trip something is going to get spilled or dropped. Multiply the chances of this happening by a thousand if you are traveling with kids or pets. Its easy to forget the little things that make a big difference especially when the anxiety of the trip is weighing on our minds. Remember to bring the paper towels along next time and keep the trip on track!

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Janitorial Supplies

When shopping for Janitorial Supplies make sure that you cover all of your bases. What I mean by this is: keep your options open instead of getting in the mindset that you need to always buy everything from the same place(s). Shopping around is always the best option for anyone looking for janitorial or cleaning supplies, (we prefer you do so at our website ) and although we like one stop shopping, often times you can save even more money buy doing just the opposite. Many places may have good deals on certain products but will make up their lower profit margins on other products. Make sure that you keep this in mind before you commit to buying the same products at the same places for the same prices.

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